About Natasha Shantel

Bridging the Gap

Natasha Shantel burst on the scene with a mission to serve as a bridge that crosses boundaries, cultures, genres and generations.

Natasha Shantel is a passionate youth and arts advocate, artist and visionary. As a creative, pursuing a higher assignment in the Arts and Entertainment fields, she understands the power of encouraging others towards their dreams. A native of Wichita, KS, Natasha could be found expressing an interest in entertainment as early as kindergarten. From her childhood until now, Natasha can be found sharing her gifts with others, whether on stage or in personal settings. She is a graduate of the Historically Black University known as Hampton U, where she obtained a B.A. in Marketing. Natasha plans to complete the last of her M.A. of Communications soon.


Natasha's unique and diverse path has given her a colorful perspective and approach to her  career. Desiring to inspire a generation to dream God-given dreams, she has created a business that mentors youth in the productive use of their creativity, Multi-Colored Coat Kids. Here she combines her love for God, teaching, youth and her heart for the entertainment fields. In addition, Natasha is creator of the "Honey and Locust Podcast", a place where "out of the box creatives" can experience the collision of faith and culture. It is available now on Spotify and every major podcast platform. 


While Natasha continues to mentor, build and pursue her entertainment career, she never veers from her first love of music. A singer and songwriter in her own right, you can download her latest singles "Fast-forward," and "Stuck On You" off of the forthcoming "Fast-forward EP" now. You can also catch the visuals for the current singles on YouTube. You will definitely want to keep your eye on this trailblazer as she continues to take ground in the entertainment industries, while mentoring and equipping a generation to do the same. 

You will be able to read more about her creative journey later this year with the release of her first book 'Trailblazing Aint Easy".



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Clutching My Pearls Book for Adolescent and Teenage Girls

"Song In A Hard Place" EP



  • Recognized as one of Disruptors Magazines Top Personalities Disrupting the Music Industry in 2022
  • Nominated for Best Female Artist and Recording of The Year by That 100 Hits Radio Awards
  • Winner of the Best Female Artist by That 100 Hits Radio Awards
  • Featured in "Entrepreneurs Herald¬†
  • Featured on Glewed TV

Honey And Locust Podcast

Check out the Honey and Locust Podcast Below


Youth and ARTS Advocacy

Passing the Baton

Multi-Colored Coat Kids is inspiring another generation of creatives to rise up and shine through diverse forms of the Arts. 

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